Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jordan's Latest Email from Brazil

hey guys whats up? so its been yet another week so that rocks. id say the time is going by fast but then i think wait i have a whole pregnancy to get through still haha. ash and mom should know how that feels.

anyway i´m doing good. elder mcknight and i are doing great. we are working well and just having a fun time. ha so new years here was cool. so ya fireworks are legal here too and everyone buys them. its a nonstop thing for 20 mintues at midnight. it was crazy. we filmed it haha and it rocked. we got up on our roof and watched the fireworks explode all around us, literally. one blew up 25 feet from us in the air. some one shot it at an angle haha it was tight but way scary, dont worry mom, i cant do it again because i wont be in brazil next new years, if i was yes i would do it agian haha just to clear up any doubts.

so im happy on the mission still. nothing to new since last week. just kind of chilling and working and stuff since then. um o ya mcknight and i are traveling tomorrow to cuiaba. we have to renew our visas too haha, so that should be fun. i love working with the brazilian government, that was sarcastic if you couldnt tell. thet have way too many police with machine guns and assalt rifles. no worries though it will be good. so ya i should get those Christmas packages tomorrow. so thats good finaly. o tell thanks to the sanchez, they said they sent me a package which i should get in a bit. i will send another letter for josh today, is he getting all those by the way, i send one about every two weeks.

so i want to send you guys tererĂ© so i´ll send a package to you. it will probably cost 20 bucks to send just to let you know, but no biggy it will be worth it! its good stuff. i´ll send instructions in the package. hey so if you guys want stuff from here. you gots to send me money. if you want soccer jerseys, they are about 10 dollars, and stuff, if you want flip flops its like 10 dollars.

so anyway sounds like everyone is doing way good. mom says hunter is in way good shape, thats sick bro, i´m way jealous. i wish i could be!! ha but when i get back i´ll hit it up hard core with ya hunt. and dad got sick, that sucks never any fun, you better start getting into shape too dad if you want to keep up with me and hunt and do fun stuff with us when i get back. you got nine months old man!! swimming is one of the best things for you back anyway so get into the pool! and ash is 32 weeks into the pregnancy, that went quick i guess. i cant believe the baby will pop out soon! way sick! and sounds like everything is just going way good, i´m proud of you guys, keep up the good work, and buy tons of fireworks for me!! ha i love them they are way sick, i´m guessing its like utah where you can buy the ground fire works, or is it bottle rockets too? let me know, its important.

anyway nothing else really i guess, just work!!

love you all and miss you all a ton


elder williams

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